Curse Of Strahd

Episode 3 - Recap

Previously on Roll Die Repeat,

Having arrived in the mysterious town of Barovia our adventurers navigate the eerie streets and arrive at the town square. A strange lone wailing comes from the middle of the town, and the party moves to investigate. In the middle of this heavily boarded up village, they find a Tavern, The Blood of the Vine and a general store, Bildaths Mercantile.

Following the wailing, they come to a villa, its rusted gates lay strewn on the ground, garden overrun by weeds. The door lays slightly ajar, and the party attempts to make their way quietly inside. The house interior suggests that someone lives here, but they have not been active in some time. Following the wailing upstairs they meet Mad Mary, grieving over the loss of her daughter Gertruda. Her daughter has fallen under the charms of a person Mary describes as The Devil Strahd, and fled the village for him. Now all Mary can do in her anguish is rock back and forward with her Daughter's doll.

The party attempts to console her, but their attempt leaves Mad Mary broken, and she decides to slit her throat with a shard of glass from a broken window. The players look on in horror at the scene in front of them, then decide to bury Mary in the front yard. Tarla keeps the doll.

Making their way back to the middle of town, they visit the Tavern. Its is a quiet, dour place, lit by a giant fire. The occupants are a borish simpleton barman, Taric, a group of three strange and colorfully dressed women who seem to be the owners, and a lone man in the corner sipping on some wine. He introduces himself to the players as Ismark Indirovich, and happens to be the adopted son of the late burgomaster, Kolyan Indirovich.

After some altercations with the barman, Tarla decides to press her luck and shoulder checks one of the women sitting down. The woman regards her with an evil eye, and Tarla feels a sharp pain inside her mind. The woman smiles.

Talking to Ismark they find out the late Burgomaster has recently died after nightly attacks on their family mansion by the forces of Strahd caused him to have a heart attack. To make matters worse, Ismark reveals that Strahd is a Vampire, and has fed on his step sister Ireena Kolyana twice already after charming his way inside their mansion. After showing Ismark the letter delivered to the characters by Arrigal, he informs them that the handwriting is definitely not that of his late fathers. Someone has tricked them into coming to Barovia.

Ismark asks them a favor. He wishes to see his sister leave the village and go to the town of Vallaki which he has heard is well defended and far from the reaches of Strahd. The characters accept and leave to the mansion.

Arriving at the mansion they notice the heavily boarded up building looks like the site of a final siege, blood and fire stans the outside, and the grasses are trampled down from human and wolf feet. Knocking gently, Ismark calls for Ireena and she opens the door. She is a striking young woman with auburn hair. The characters enter, and a long nights rest sets in.

Chapter 1 - Into The Mists - Recap

Chapter 1 – Recap!

Previously on Roll, Die, Repeat..

Our party of Underdark escapees chance across the sleepy rest-stop town of Beggars Rest. The Crooked Cane Taven door gets swung open, as feisty Barbarian Tarla strides confidently forward, ever the diplomat and proceeds to try her best at greeting some local half-orcs with a swinging hook. It fails spectacularly!

Hillarity ensures as the Orcs take no offence to this feeble gesture, while the lyrical Bard Elkfein supplants a haughty Elf minstrel, stealing his gig (and lute) for the night. The party is served fresh food and ale by the owners, Ivar and Rocksana Thunderthighs.

A chill wind blows and a strange figure walks into the tavern. The party meets Arrigal, a strange Human male with a large purse, and an equally large quest. Seek out his master and aid him. Leaving a note and his purse, he parts, advising the adventurers to go and see Barbaro at Barbaro's Sundries for gear.

The nexst morning the adventurers part, both Elkfein and Drin kindly "given" some "hats" by Rocksana (Ivar's favourite pots) to protect them from the sun. At the goods store, they meet the vivid Tiefling merchant Barbaro. He gives them all a great "discount"  after some good intimidation by a robe wearing Tarla and they depart, following the road west out of town.

They travel for the next few hours through the woods, the environment getting more twisted and the light becoming more pale. The birds stop tweeting. A dense fog rolls in around them.  Suddenly crashing through the trees, and four desiccated corpses swing down, ropes snapping around their necks as they swing limply from trees. Their gaping maws mock the players as Beleco notices something… one of the corpses dropped something. It looks identical to his favorite trinket..which is missing from his pack.

The party continues on, and reaches a giant gate surrounded by ancient walls and statues. It opens on its own accord, beckoning them in. As the pass the gates, they swing shut behind them. Further down the road they reach a hill top and in the distance can see a small town. The smell of death is in the air, and Drin discovers a corpse half buried in the underbrush. It's hand holds a note which reads very similarly to the one given to them by Arrigal.

Avoiding being surprised due to his keen senses, Drin notices a thick wall of fog approaching them from the forest, and the party is suddenly set upon by six Dire Wolves! They attempt to fight before realizing the futility of the battle, and make a dash for the town. The fog and wolves follow but dissipate as the party reaches the town extents. Was it real? The cuts on them say yes.

The adventurers look towards the town. Movement in windows, wailing and creaking from side streets and a warm light from the centre of town.

What do they do?






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