Curse Of Strahd

Chapter 1 - Into The Mists - Recap

Chapter 1 – Recap!

Previously on Roll, Die, Repeat..

Our party of Underdark escapees chance across the sleepy rest-stop town of Beggars Rest. The Crooked Cane Taven door gets swung open, as feisty Barbarian Tarla strides confidently forward, ever the diplomat and proceeds to try her best at greeting some local half-orcs with a swinging hook. It fails spectacularly!

Hillarity ensures as the Orcs take no offence to this feeble gesture, while the lyrical Bard Elkfein supplants a haughty Elf minstrel, stealing his gig (and lute) for the night. The party is served fresh food and ale by the owners, Ivar and Rocksana Thunderthighs.

A chill wind blows and a strange figure walks into the tavern. The party meets Arrigal, a strange Human male with a large purse, and an equally large quest. Seek out his master and aid him. Leaving a note and his purse, he parts, advising the adventurers to go and see Barbaro at Barbaro's Sundries for gear.

The nexst morning the adventurers part, both Elkfein and Drin kindly "given" some "hats" by Rocksana (Ivar's favourite pots) to protect them from the sun. At the goods store, they meet the vivid Tiefling merchant Barbaro. He gives them all a great "discount"  after some good intimidation by a robe wearing Tarla and they depart, following the road west out of town.

They travel for the next few hours through the woods, the environment getting more twisted and the light becoming more pale. The birds stop tweeting. A dense fog rolls in around them.  Suddenly crashing through the trees, and four desiccated corpses swing down, ropes snapping around their necks as they swing limply from trees. Their gaping maws mock the players as Beleco notices something… one of the corpses dropped something. It looks identical to his favorite trinket..which is missing from his pack.

The party continues on, and reaches a giant gate surrounded by ancient walls and statues. It opens on its own accord, beckoning them in. As the pass the gates, they swing shut behind them. Further down the road they reach a hill top and in the distance can see a small town. The smell of death is in the air, and Drin discovers a corpse half buried in the underbrush. It's hand holds a note which reads very similarly to the one given to them by Arrigal.

Avoiding being surprised due to his keen senses, Drin notices a thick wall of fog approaching them from the forest, and the party is suddenly set upon by six Dire Wolves! They attempt to fight before realizing the futility of the battle, and make a dash for the town. The fog and wolves follow but dissipate as the party reaches the town extents. Was it real? The cuts on them say yes.

The adventurers look towards the town. Movement in windows, wailing and creaking from side streets and a warm light from the centre of town.

What do they do?






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